Helianthus ‘Harlequin’.


New for the 2017 collection.

Helianthus ‘Harlequin’ is a new addition to the 2017 collection in the shop. For the time being, I am keeping my sunflower variety numbers to just four…the best four available of course and the best quality seed. ‘Harlequin’ is a most striking fellow. The mix includes shades of rose, through bronze and sunburst oranges and yellows. It is a branching sunflower and as such is perfect for cutting.
Harlequin and Earthwalker make a mighty fine combination of sunflowers. I could say they take sunflowers to an altogether new level….but that would be ridiculous…so I won’t.
*Height 150 cm
*15 seeds min each packet
*Sow April-May
Half hardy annual.

Cleome Spinosa ‘Helen Campbell’ (New for the 2017 season)


Previously I have only stocked Cleome ‘Violet Queen’ which has been rightly popular for reliability and strong colour, but the tastes of my ever more sophisticated customers has  led me to stock a pure white Cleome. Cleome ‘Helen Campbell’ was clearly the best choice for this. ‘Helen’ is a very well behaved half-hardy annual. Surface sow the seeds in early spring on moist compost…keep moist and be patient….just when you think the seedlings won’t turn up, they do. These seedlings will evolve into beautiful floriferous gems. Some folk complain that the plant has thorns…but then…some folk complain about anything.

Keywords: Quirky, Statuesque, Bold.

Seeds in packet: 200

Height: 140 cm

Sow: February-April

Link: ‘Helen Campbell’ seeds in the Higgledy Seed Shop.

Kind regards

Benjamin Higgledy (Presently drinking Cay (chai) atop a beautiful Turkish mountain…so there!)

New! Larkspur Imperials ‘Lavender’.


If I know my customers like I know my customers…this Larkspur is going to be very popular for the season of 2017.  It hasn’t been easy to source good quality stock…but Madam Etienne, my contact in southern France has come good….je t’aime Madam! I have had to price these a little more than my other Larks…reassuringly expensive….well….ten pence more expensive…

Link: Mr Higgledy’s rather dashing Larkspur ‘Lavender’ seeds.

*Height 90 cm
*300 seeds in a packet
*Sow March-May and August-October Stick them in the fridge for ten days before sowing to aid germination.
Hardy Annual

Persicaria orientalis seeds. New for 2017.


Persicaria orientalis was suggested as a new Higgledy shop addition by the author and journalist Louise Curley….I did what I was told…

I am yet to grow this fine annual myself but am assured that it is straight forward to grow and is as handsome as you like. Densely clustered pink flowers droop from towering stems…a statuesque creature indeed.

These will undoubtedly be useful flowers for those crafty florists looking to extend their upper story portfolio… #PretentiousTwaddle

I shall sow my first batch in the spring…probably in pots so I can keep an eye on them and see how they behave.

Being hardy Persicaria orientalis will self seed in places with relatively mild winters.

“We are one of the only, if not the only supplier of this seed in the UK” The shop at Great Dixter….. not anymore Dixtybaby! 😉

20 seeds in a packet

Height: 5 ft

Sow: Late August early September or Spring.

Hardy annual.

PS I can’t find the photographer who took this image…please let me know if it’s you.

Kind regards

Ben Higgledy

New! Gypsophila ‘Kermesina’ (Or ‘King Crimson’ as they are known here)


‘Gypsophila ‘Kermesina’ is the new hot ticket for the 2018 season. These crimson flowers are abundant and airy…they have a 1960’s vibe and are super easy to grow. These seeds are not all that easy to get hold of outside of the USA but the Higgledy eleves have finagled some top quality stock…enough for a 100 packets or so…get em while they’re hot.

I tend to sow successive rows…ie…I’ll sow a row in mid April…one at the begining of May and if I’m feeling brave I will sow some in late August/early September for an early spring flowering.

“Kermesina reminds me of Japanese paintings and it looks beautiful arranged on its own in a simple vase.” Louise Curley.

*Height 50 cm
*500 seeds in a pack
*Sow April/May or August/Early September.  Flowers 12 weeks from a spring sowing.