Our Top 50 Flowers For Cutting




We had a wonderful year growing annuals for cutting in 2011 and have ironed out a few issues with some of the varieties we grew.

The list below is what we feel is our Top 50 annual flowers for you to grow in your garden for either cutting or general flouncing about in your flower beds. All of the varieties below will be grown in 2012 in the Higgledy Garden and we shall be keeping you posted to our progress.

I believe annual flowers offer the best option for the domestic cut flower gardener.

*Firstly they are MUCH more productive than most perennials and will often keep producing flowers all season…keep cutting and they will keep coming.

*Secondly you can grow several hundred plants for less than a tenner.

*Thirdly you can have a completely different selection year after year.

For a little more ‘work’ you get an awful lot more blooms.

Annuals rock!

We will soon have a shop from which you can buy seeds but for the moment I will point you to the people who I feel have the best seeds at the right price and who have the best level of service.

The list is in no particular order.

Please note this page is being revised and will be complete by the 1st January. (thx)

  1. Centaurea, Cornflower, Blue Boy
  2. Molucella, Bells of Ireland
  3. Scabiosa, Pin Cushion Flower, Crown Tall Mix
  4. Calendula, Pot Marigold, Art Shades
  5. Nigella, Love in a Mist, Persian Jewels.
  6. Nigella, Love in a Mist, Miss Jekyll
  7. Ricinus, Impala.
  8. Fennel
  9. Rudbekia, Marmalade
  10. Bupleurum Griffithii
  11. Lupin, Sunrise
  12. Lupin, Red Flame
  13. Gypsophilia, Babies Breath
  14. Ammi Majus, Bishops Flower
  15. Orlaya Grandiflora
  16. Godetia, Crown Double Mixed.
  17. Cosmos, Purity
  18. Cosmos, Sea Shells
  19. Cosmos, Dazzler
  20. Malope Trifida, Vulcan
  21. Coreopsis
  22. Dahlia, Cactus Mix.
  23. Dahlia, Coltness.
  24. Centaurea, Cornflower, Black Ball
  25. Euphorbia Marginata
  26. Antirrhinum, Snapdragon
  27. Agrostis nebulosa
  28. Didiscus, Blue Lace Flower, Lace Mixed.
  29. Statice
  30. Leonotis leonurus
  31. Verbena
  32. Tithonia, Fiesta Del Sol
  33. Aster, Ostrich Feathers.
  34. Sweet Pea
  35. Sweet Pea
  36. Sweet Pea
  37. Cerinthe Major, Honeywort
  38. Larkspur, Bi-colour
  39. Larkspur, Crown Blended Mix
  40. Larkspur, Consolida Mauve.
  41. Amaranthus, Love Lies Bleeding
  42. Amaranthus Viridis
  43. Helianthus, Sunflower, Vanilla Ice
  44. Sunflower, Ring of Fire
  45. Sunflower, Pastiche
  46. Sunflower, Earthwalker
  47. Anethum Graveolens. Dill.
  48. Chrsanthemum, Merry Mix
  49. Zinnia, Oklahoma
  50. Nicotiana, Flowering Tobacco, Lime Green

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