Orange Stuff.

Any ideas?

Helianthus 'Ring of Fire'I made the school girl error of mixing a batch of my own compost using coarse builders sand, rather than horticultural sand, at Windmill Cottage.

Seemed a shame to waste it, and, to be honest, I’d completely forgotten that eight Helianthus ‘Ring of Fire’ had been potted up using this erroneous mix.

This evening, whilst on slug patrol, I noticed all eight sunflowers had a – well, a ring of fire around their base. I came to a screeching halt. To be fair, I wasn’t exactly moving fast in my tiny polytunnel, even though wearing roller skates, a Higgledy tradition on May 1st.

Now for my second confession. The fiery eight were sat in a gravel tray I’ve had for yonkey’s dears, BUT, it hadn’t been washed. No other plants are affected.

Just before I am ousted from the gardening community (I can hear the sirens of the Horticultural Police growing louder) for dirty trays and crazy compost cocktails, I felt it my duty to blog.

A close-up of the orange in question is shown below. “Yes officer, but did you know sporange rhymes with orange? No? Yes, indeed, it’s a botanical term. Curple? Oh really, the hindquarters of a horse you say? Would you like a Fig Roll? Yes, you would? And a cuppa? I’ll pop the kettle on”.

Orange stuff

Close up of orange grubIt gets more exciting – I found a few little ‘grubs’ in the compost. Which made me doubt my first thoughts of rust or another fungus.

Left is a close-up of the grub, and below, with a normal sized peg (called Jay) to give a sense of scale.

So, if you have an ideas what this is or what rhymes with silver, please comment below.

“More tea officer?”


Orange grub

The Higgledy Apprentice

Trying hard to not get herself arrested using the rhyme and Fig Roll distraction technique.

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  1. Looks like mineral or salts build up. I can put it through the lab and have the boys check it out. Full report on your desk by 9am Monday morning.

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