Feverfew From Seed.


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When I was a nipper my Great Granny Higgledy would tell me that Feverfew was actually a chrysanthemum and that it had been used in her family for centuries to cure arthritis and headaches…but then again she smoked a long clay pipe which she filled from a plant in the greenhouse and would sway about the Higgledy Garden humming Bob Marley tunes…


How To Grow Feverfew From Seed.

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*I start some in pots in early spring…on a windowsill or in the greenhouse. Early spring being March in my book.

*I sow in pots of loamy soil…sprinkle a few of the dinky seeds onto the surface of the soil and tap the bottom to settle the seeds…use a fine mist spray to water them…pouring may dislodge the seeds. Don’t cover the seeds with soil as they need light to germinate.

*Keep the pot somewhere sunny…like a greenhouse or window sill.

*You should see some groovy germination action in about two weeks.

Feverfew Plant (second year)












*Don’t put them out until they are fairly tall…like about 15cm+

*If you fancy you can outside directly where you want them, do this in mid spring. Beginning of April is good I find

*Plant or thin out the seedlings to around 15 inches apart.

*Make sure you sow/plant them in a sunny spot.

*She is not keen on consistently damp soil.

So there you have it. I shall be growing some from seed the spring and will keep you posted.

I sell feverfew ‘Jackpot’ for £1.95 a packet. :)

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  1. Ben, You mention that they are bigger and better in their second year. What can I expect from seeds sown this year? How tall will they get?

  2. Hello! I love your site and blog – will definitely be firing up the laptop this afternoon for a better look and to get some inspiration for my currently empty raised beds 🙂

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