Calendula ‘Indian Prince’ Seeds.

Calendula ‘Indian Prince’ Seeds

Calendula ‘Indian Prince’ seeds were amongst the first seeds I ever sowed in the Higgledy Garden…so I have something of a soft spot for the little darlings. Lava orange discs of burning love…get em whilst they’re hot.

I think they make an excellent addition to any cut flower patch…they are super productive and keep giving up blooms the more they are cut…so are fab if you have a small cut flower patch.

“How do we germinate your Calendula ‘Indian Prince’ seeds Mr Higgledy?”

Calendula ‘Indian Prince’ seedlings

*I grow some direct in the soil…and a tray or two undercover in 15 cell modules.

*As per usual make super sure that your proposed bed is properly dug over and all trace of weeds removed.

*She will grow best in a sunny spot

*I sow the first batch of  my Calendula ‘Indian Prince’ seeds in September for an early flowering the following year…then some undercover at the beginning of April…some more directly in the soil in mid May (after the frosts) and a further row or two at the beginning of June for a late harvest.

Bucket of Calendula ‘Indian Prince’.

*If sowing in your cut flower patch you will want to sow in straight rows…bury the seeds no more than a cm deep and keep the soil moist whilst they become established.

*Thin out the seedlings to about a foot…you can transplant the ones that are too close to another part of the plot if you have gaps…I love having mixed beds in the cut flower garden…this help reduce the spread of disease too.

*Spring sowings will take 10 – 12 weeks to flower.

My Calendula ‘Indian Prince’ seeds are £1.95 for 100+ seeds. 🙂

If you only grow one calendula in your cut flower patch…then I would suggest these are the ones…

Have fun!

Kindest regards

Mr H

7 thoughts on “Calendula ‘Indian Prince’ Seeds.

  1. Hi Ben…mine are starting to appear, yay! When is the best time to pick the
    …when they are fully open or before? Thanks

    1. Hi Ruth…sorry…must have missed your question….I pick mine just after they have opened…they seem to last yonks in the vase…and once calendula get going they are flower making MACHINES! 🙂

  2. Hi Ben, sorry, I meant in modules as i haven’t even done that yet as it has been so cold and miserable here i didn’t even bother with them. Need to catch up now so it will be a busy, but hopefully productive few weeks! Thanks again.

  3. Dear Ben, Thank you for my seeds, they arrived (incredibly quickly) on Tuesday. I went a bit mad as couldn’t decide which ones to leave out! I am really looking forward to growing them. The ones you sent me last year were fab so i can’t wait to pick a vase full.
    It looks like it might be going to warm up here at last, so will have a go at planting them as per your very helpful your guides, this weekend.

    1. wonderful…thank you for you kind words… I shall be sowing direct into the soil this weekend here in Cornwall…but bear in mind the soil temps over the uk are down on the average…about two weeks behind…

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