Cerinthe Majus Seeds.

Cerinthe seedlings…only about 2/3rds came through in the unheated greenhouse.

I love germinating the fist Cerinthe seeds of the season…they also seem such a nobel seedling…forthright chaps…marching towards the cut flower patch and certain victory.

I germinated my first tray out in the unheated greenhouse…germination rates were down a little on normal…I suspect this is because it has been a little on the chilly side…I shall sow up another tray or two next week and see how much better they do.

Cerinthe seeds

How to germinate Cerinthe seeds.

*I always soak mine overnight in a glass of tepid water…this helps soften their super tough shells.

*Some folk start sowing super early…like February but I don’t usually start until the end of March…and I sow right through until May.

*As usual when I sow cerinthe seeds undercover I sow into 15 cell modules…this gives the plant plenty of space to grow before I plant out 4 to 6 weeks later.

*Keep your compost moist but not waterlogged.

*Around Mid May I plant out my seedlings to a space of about a foot apart.

*You will happily find the plants to be slug resistant… 🙂

Cerinthe Flower

I sell Cerinthe Major at £2.85 per packet.

Have fun mon ami!


Mr H


2 thoughts on “Cerinthe Majus Seeds.

  1. Conducted an accidental experiment – the half of the modules that was on top of the heat mat germinated much quicker and more completely than the half that was off the end of the mat. So I’ve turned it round now to heat the other side! Had soaked seeds overnight in water as instructed by Sir Higg. However was still quite surprised at such good germination as the seed was saved from plants the year before last! There is hope for me yet!

  2. the first lot of Cerinthe that I planted this year at the end of feb were very reluctant to germinate, & I only got 7, – as the ones overwintering on the allotment and in my veg patch had all failed, I thought I was in trouble, – but I’ve tried again, and a little bottom heat (in a propagator for a couple of days) and they are now popping up all over the place. – These are all from seeds saved from last year

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