Cerinthe Majus Seeds.

Cerinthe seedlings...only about 2/3rds came through in the unheated greenhouse.

I love germinating the fist Cerinthe seeds of the season…they also seem such a nobel seedling…forthright chaps…marching towards the cut flower patch and certain victory.

I germinated my first tray out in the unheated greenhouse…germination rates were down a little on normal…I suspect this is because it has been a little on the chilly side…I shall sow up another tray or two next week and see how much better they do.

Cerinthe seeds

How to germinate Cerinthe seeds.

*I always soak mine overnight in a glass of tepid water…this helps soften their super tough shells.

*Some folk start sowing super early…like February but I don’t usually start until the end of March…and I sow right through until May.

*As usual when I sow cerinthe seeds undercover I sow into 15 cell modules…this gives the plant plenty of space to grow before I plant out 4 to 6 weeks later.

*Keep your compost moist but not waterlogged.

*Around Mid May I plant out my seedlings to a space of about a foot apart.

*You will happily find the plants to be slug resistant… :)

Cerinthe Flower

I sell Cerinthe Major at £2.85 per packet.

Have fun mon ami!


Mr H


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