In The Cutting Garden Today.

Only Spring Sown Flowers Here. :)
Only Spring Sown Flowers Here. 🙂

The cutting survived the heat wave…I have only ever used harvested water on this patch…and it ran out over a week ago so was mighty glad of a good downpour last night. The storm offered up about 750 litres to the water butts too. Generally the flowers I grow and stock in the shop can take a bit of drought…most are native to the Med.

Calendula 'Indian Prince'
Calendula ‘Indian Prince’

Calendula ‘Indian Prince’ is romping away…a cracking flower this…very reliable, bright and cheerful. Easy to grow too. ‘Indian Prince’ is one of the 20 varieties in the ‘Complete Cut Flower Seed Collection‘.

Dahlia 'Cactus'
Dahlia ‘Cactus’ Sown early April, planted out mid May.

Dahlia ‘Cactus’…always makes me grin…it’s bonkers…very unpredictable…sometimes a star shape…sometimes like a star…a myriad of colours…and HEAPS of flowers. Super easy to grow from seed…just make sure it doesn’t meet a frost.

Cosmos 'Candy Stripe'
Cosmos ‘Candy Stripe’

Cosmos are running wild all over the garden like drunken children. ‘Purity’, ‘Pied Piper’ and this little number ‘Candy Stripe’ all all doing swimmingly well. Top marks for the Swiss Family Cosmos!


Both ‘Orange King’ and ‘Ivory Castle’ have done well this year and both loved the heatwave…they have no problem with even fairly extended drought. Sear the ends of the stems in boiling water for 20 seconds and they last longer in the vase.

Rudbeckia 'Cappuchino'
Rudbeckia ‘Cappuchino’

This Rudbeckia is fab…BUT it was supposed to be Rudbeckia ‘Marmalade’! Marmalade is all yellow…so sorry to those folks who I have sent out the wrong seeds to…oooops! I hope you like this one…I am taken by it and will stock it in the shop next year.

Nicotiana 'White Trumpets'
Nicotiana ‘White Trumpets’.

A very stately plant is nicotiana ‘White Trumpets’…beautiful hanging trumpet flowers that release their scent at dusk…hard flowers to photograph though. 😉

There are heaps more I want to show you but I need to get on and send some seed orders out. Don’t forget there are lots of flower seeds you can sow in late summer and Autumn.

Hope all is well.

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PS All seeds can be found in the Higgledy Seed Shop . 🙂

If You need some growing tips and guides then click: ‘Flower Growing Guides‘.

4 thoughts on “In The Cutting Garden Today.

  1. Hi Ben,
    I’m really hooked on growing flowers for cutting since buying your seeds earlier this year and your website is pure inspiration.
    I’m doing the table jam jar flower arrangements for my daughter’s wedding on Aug 25th and was out deadheading the cornflowers, sweet peas, nigella, malope and cosmos this morning. They were all soaking wet after last nights rain and didn’t look their best at all.
    What is the best advice for cutting them if it rains like this the day before the wedding when I plan to harvest them? Is it best to pick them and let them dry out inside overnight or just arrange them soaking wet?

    1. Hi Carole…sorry for late reply…just seen your message. They will always look shabby if you pick wet flowers…best pick them the day before…they will still be fresh n fruity. I shall have a word with Flora the goddess of flowers and arrange that you will have dry weather for the big day. 🙂

  2. Do the nicotiana only release their scent at duck or at various other water fowl too? 😉

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