How To Grow Larkspur From Seed.

Larkspur 'Giant Imperials'
Larkspur ‘Giant Imperials’ Frolicking In The Breeze.

Growing Larkspur from seed can be a slightly hit and miss affair but follow my line and you won’t go far wrong…at least I hope not.

Larkspur have long been a mainstay in country cottage gardens the length and breadth of our fair Isles…wonderful dense spikes of flowers in a myriad of colours are a florists dream. Use them to add height and drama to your displays…perhaps use them in the church arrangement as Devil’s horns…just for a little light relief…the Vicar will look back and laugh.

How To Grow Larkspur. Mr Higgledy’s Top Tips.

Larkspur Seedling
Larkspur Seedling

*It is best to pop the seeds in the fridge/freezer for a week or so before sowing.

*I sow two batches…one in April and one in September. Some folk sow as early as February…but I find if they sit around in wet soil they will simply rot away. I wait until mid April.

*They like a good dollop of sunshine, so avoid shade or semi shade. Soil must be free draining and light…add some organic material and grit if your soil is clay. (Shudder)

Blue Larkspur

*I sow in straight rows in a thoroughly weeded bed, Don’t skimp in this weeding malarky…you will live to regret it. One tip is to week the bed in early April…then hoe off all the weed that come through by mid April. Hoe gently and very shallowly…this will mean you have zapped the second wave of the weedy rascals.

*Cover the seeds very lightly with either soil or compost and keep the seed bed moist…don’t let it completely dry out, this is pretty easy in April.

Larkspur 'Giant Imperial'
Larkspur ‘Giant Imperial’

*In a few weeks when your lovely Larkspur seedling bunnies are an inch or so high…thin them to about 10 inches apart.

*when they are a little taller, a layer of mulch will help keep the weeds down. I never get round to it myself… *lazy slacker.

My fav larkspur for the cutting patch has got to be Larkspur ‘Giant Imperials’ they have great vase life and a great colour range.

You can also buy a single standard packet of ‘Giant Imperial’ seeds for £1.95 for 300ish seeds.

Try them in the vase with Corncockle, Borage and Cornflowers  (all in the Autumn Collection) for a truly naturalistic country style display that you can’t find in the florists because most of the flowers don’t travel well…your neighbours will covet you.

Have fun!

Kind regards

Benjamin Higgledy.


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