Cornflower. ‘Classic Romantic’. Growing Tips.



On Christmas eve I was woken by the ghost of Christmas Higgledy who cut a rather fine figure in her low cut dress made of pink petals…she took me on a journey far far away…well beyond Truro at least, to a field full of beautiful pink and red cornflowers swaying in the evening sun. I have thus far been delighted with the two varieties of cornflower I grew in the Higgledy Garden but the ghost of Christmas Higgledy showed me ‘the third way’.

‘Ding Dong!’ said I ‘It shall be!’..,and giving the ghost of Christmas Higgledy a good old 1970’s, un-politically correct slap on the bum I strode off in search of the best quality seeds I could find.

And so it came to pass the ‘Classic Romantic’ cornflowers arrived in yee olde Higgledyee Shopee.

Growing Tips For ‘Classic Fantastic’.

*I tend to sow mine direct into the soil…you CAN start in pots but I wouldn’t bother.

*In spring wait until the soil has warmed up…mid April is about right…I sow right through May too.

*Sow in straight lines (For the productive flower garden at least) and thin out seedlings to about a foot apart…seedlings can be happily moved if they are smaller than your thumb.

*If your site is exposed they made need staking.

*Once they start flowering keep picking them and they will produce more flowers….if you don’t pick them they will go to seed.

Have a peak at profiles of ‘Blue Ball‘ and ‘Black Ball’ too.

I sell ‘Classic Romantic’ at £1.95 for 200ish seeds.

Kindest regards to you all.

Benjamin Higgledy and his troop of juggling pandas.

2 thoughts on “Cornflower. ‘Classic Romantic’. Growing Tips.

  1. Your visit from the ghost of Christmas Higgledy reminds me…. I had a self-seeded blue cornflower in flower on Christmas day up on the allotment. What more could a gal possibly want for Christmas?

    1. …i seem to be a year late replying! …but yes….Cornflowers at Christmas is quite an achievement….they must love you. 🙂

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