Spring Sowing of Sweet Pea Seeds.


Equinox Sowing of Sweet Peas.
Equinox Sowing of Sweet Peas.

I know that sowing Sweet Peas in the autumn is supposed to provide you with plants that are more sturdy than spring sown ones…but I don’t see THAT much difference…and I always forget to do the autumn sowing. When the equinox comes around (equal day and night time) I generally like to celebrate by sowing a few of my mighty fine seeds.

This year I am not going to start them in rootrainers or loo rolls or deep pots but I am giving them a go in 3 inch square pots. I don’t need all that many plants so I shall sow up a tray of  five pots each of ‘Beaujolais’, ‘Painted Lady’ and ‘Winston Churchill’ and a full tray of ‘Perfume Delight’, because the lass who works in the greengrocers likes them and I’m trying to get on the ‘right’ side of her…once she gets a bunch of ‘Perfume Delight’ she will be putty in my hands…resistance will be futile… 😉

Sweet Pea 'Beaujolais'.
Sweet Pea ‘Beaujolais’.

I have sown two seeds to each pot and will discard the weaker seedling…though this is fairly decadent…I am super short of space as the polytunnel did a ‘Wizard of Oz’ in the hoofing great Cornwall storm of February. I would suggest if you have space to just sow one per 3 inch pot…or sow more in bigger pots…but…well….you could probably guess that.

'Perfume Delight' Credit: Rene's Garden.
‘Perfume Delight’ Credit: Rene’s Garden.

I shall harden them off in a few weeks and plant them out around a wigwam of canes and all will be well with the world. I will of course update you on their progress.

For some reason sowing Sweet Peas directly in the ground just doesn’t seem to work for me so I no longer bother trying.

You can sow your Sweet peas right through until April…I sow my first batch on Valentine’s day….and of course you can find the seeds in my shop.

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