Moluccella (Bells Of Ireland) Seedling

Moluccella Seedling
Moluccella Seedling.

Bells of Ireland or Moluccella (sometimes spelled Molucella) are often sought after by florist types. The apple green spires are unique and its wonderful cup shaped calyx can be used as a wonderful foil in the vase with flowers of a more garish nature.

Fantastic Spires.
Fantastic Spires.

Sometimes germinating the seed will have erratic results but you get plenty of seeds in a packet so all will be well.

I find that sowing on the surface of seed compost and keeping your seed tray in a clear plastic bag to help keep the seeds moist is the best method.

Some growers like to stratify the seed by putting the packets in the fridge for a week before sowing. This makes sense as Moluccella is native to the mountain regions of Syria and Turkey…it can get pretty parky up there in them there hills.

If you prefer you can sow directly into the soil…I prefer to sow them in pots…but whatever rocks your boat.

I sow mine in early April…if I was sowing outside I would probably wait until May.

I sell Bells of Ireland seeds at £1.95 for 150ish seeds.

Fancy eh?!
Fancy eh?!

Have fun peeps!

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  1. They look great! is it too late to plant these now? do you have any problems with moving them if they are sown indoors i keep reading conflicting advice……help needed Ben!!!

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