Seeds As Wedding Favours.

'Meadow Mix' Wedding Favour Sample.
‘Meadow Mix’ Wedding Favour Sample.

I have been asked several times about producing seed packets as wedding favours…the issue has always been pricing. I have come up with a cunning plan…depending on what seeds I have an abundance of, I shall make up what I will call a ‘Meadow Mix’. Right now I have an abundance of Calendula, Corncockle and Phacelia and I am making the mix up with these.

By using abundant stock I can get the price down…the packets will also have fewer seeds than a standard priced packet would.

I can offer them at a pound a packet so long as folk buy them in bundles of 25.

I think they make mighty fine favours….seeds have long been symbolic of love, regeneration and fertility…DING DONG!

The favours are available as of today.

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PS I still won’t do wedding flowers though…as I have said before…brides freak me out and I can’t see this changing in the near future. 😉

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  1. Ha ha love Vintagerockchick’s comment!!! And what a great idea, I might order some for my sisters 50th

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