“Can I Sow Cornflowers In Autumn?”

Grown By @LP_Lisa (Twitter)

Blue Ball grown By @LP_Lisa (Twitter)

The answer to ‘can I sow Cornflowers in Autumn?’ is a pretty resounding yes, unless you live in the Baltic far north.

I tend to sow two batches of cornflower seeds, one in September and one in April. The autumn sown seeds will make much bigger plants that will flower earlier in the year….and the spring sown ones will produce smaller plants but that will flower much later into the season.

Cornflowers are always loved by those who grow them for the first time and they are super easy to grow from seed.

Lovely photo from Kathy (X)...Black Ball cornflowers looking amazing amongst the rest of the fab flowers.

Lovely photo from Kathy (X)…Black Ball cornflowers looking amazing amongst the rest of the fab flowers.

Growing Cornflowers From Seed:

*Either sow in pots or sow directly outside where you want them to flower.

*I sow in three straight lines a foot apart.

*Don’t bury the seeds too deep…just give them a light covering.

*Make sure the bed is weed free.

'Classic Romantic' grown by @CathyStGermans. This is a very underrated flower/

‘Classic Romantic’ grown by @CathyStGermans. This is a very underrated flower.

*Don’t fertilise the bed…Cornflowers, like most annuals are happy in poor soils.

*If you are making an autumn sowing then don’t thin out your seedlings until the spring…and thin them to about a foot apart.

*Once they start flowering….then keep on pickin’ ‘em…if you let them ‘go over’…they will stop producing flowers.

Naturally you lucky people can buy these wonderful seeds in the Higgledy Garden Shop and you will also find a might ‘Seeds to sow in Autumn Collection’ which is well worth a gander. Sowing hardy annuals seeds in autumn is well worth it…earlier flowers the following spring are nothing short of a joy.


More ‘Black Ball’…these beauties grown by the lovely @AngieWootten

I hope you are all having a swimmingly good weekend.

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Benjamin Ranyard

…OHHHHHHH….let’s have one more photo. :)

Thank you for this @MistyTinkle

Thank you for this @MistyTinkle



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