Garden Illustrated…

Thx to The Garden Gate Flower Company for the image.
Thx to The Garden Gate Flower Company for the image.


A big thank you to the good people of Garden Illustrated who have given me a lovely recommendation in the September edition of their salubrious magazine.

Kindest regards and have a wonderful weekend.

Benjamin Higgledy


5 thoughts on “Garden Illustrated…

  1. Hi Ben, I’ve tried to send you some pictures through Twitter but I’m new to it and can’t seem to make it work. Goggle says you have to accept me as a follower so, pretty please, would you do that as I’m itching to send you some of the fruits of my labour and your seeds. Hmmm, that came out wrong! Terri

    1. hi Terri….sounds like you are trying to send my a ‘direct message’…try posting on my page….what is your Twitter name? I will look you up. 🙂

      1. Hi Ben, my twitter name is Terri@TerriOrton, somewhat uninspired, as my children have pointed out! Thanks for taking the time to reply. Terri

        1. Ha!…Not uninspired….just informative. 🙂 BUT the only Terri Orton I can find on Twitter is an American baptist preacher……..I don’t think that’s you….or is it?

          1. The Lord Have Mercy on Your Higgledy Garden! No, that’s not me although this Twitter business is driving me to religion. I’ve just checked and my name is Terri@terriortonOrton. Gawd knows why! Anyway, I’ve also got a little padlock by my name. Would that be causing a problem? I think I got a little paranoid about my friends knowing the extent of my obsession with cut flowers. Put an order in a couple of days ago. Looking forward to another delivery from you. Terri

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