Salvia & Eschscholzia.

Thx to Susan for this pic. @susanwellman4
Thanks to Susan for this pic. @susanwellman4

376 extra points to Sarah for growing this stunning combo. Salvia viridis and Eschscholzia ‘Orang King’…I’m a huge fan of blues and oranges together and these two work really well. Other great hot and cold combos sound be Calendula and ‘Blue Ball’ Cornflowers and/or Borage and Tithonia….ok….Tithonia is more red than orange…but hey….shoot me.

Cornflowers & Calendula.
Cornflowers & Calendula.

The Salvia viridis that I stock is Blue Monday’ it is a colour mix which I think is more useful in the vase.

Have a jolly weekend one and all.

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Ben Higgledy