Growing Nasturtiums As A Cut Flower?

Furface Checking The Nasturtium Patch For Cats.
Furface Checking The Nasturtium Patch For Cats.

I have long grown Nasturtiums….but not for cutting….I just like their vibe, they are the flowery equivalent of Labradors….reliable and always cheery.

However…unlike Ladradors I use them regularly in salads and pasta. The added pepper twang and lava hot flashes of colour have made my Carbonara the toast of North Cornwall. But up until now I have ignored the possibility of using them for florestry…I’m rubbish enough at the sport already without adding something so left field. Then I has a conversation with a lovely lass on Twitter who had been using the long trailing ‘Climbing Nasturtiums’ in her hand tied bouquets and the proverbial penny dropped.

Higgledy Salad...Probably the most upper middle class salad in the south west)
Higgledy Salad…(Probably the most upper middle class salad in the south west)

I can see how this could work to great effect and am looking forward to giving it a go this year. Nasturtiums are easy to grow and super prolific.


Certainly in our patch in Cornwall, butterflies seem to love landing on Nasturtiums.

Some Nasturtium Growing Tips.

*Nasturtiums seem to prefer growing where they are sown rather than being transplanted from pots. I direct sow in April…but I usually get MUCH bigger plants from the ones that have self seeded the previous year.

*Make sure your bed is weed free before you sow.

*Sow about 2 cm deep and 30 cm apart. (I sow two seeds in the same spot then simply keep the strongest one and dispatch the weaker one.)

*Make sure the bed gets lots of sun.

*I favour the wonderful and warm reds of ‘Scarlet Munchkin’….it is a climber (Or trailer) too….a wonderful variety.

Kind regards

Benjamin Higgledy.

2 thoughts on “Growing Nasturtiums As A Cut Flower?

  1. I never use nasturtiums with food – though maybe I should. However I use them a lot as a cut flower. Not in bouquets but simply picked and plonked in a jar. They arrange themselves and their colours and shapes mean they are always a delight – regardless in which direction they choose to face.

    1. I don’t know why but I’ve always thought they wouldn’t work as a cut…looking forward to trying this year. 🙂

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