Ammi visnaga. Queen Of All She Surveys.


Ammi Visnaga is the less well known, chunky sister of Ammi Majus. Clusters of dense white flowers make up very defined domes…about the size of an hemisphere of a cricket ball…perhaps a fraction bigger. They have a architectural majesty of their own…very striking in the flower patch…very striking in the vase. They make the perfect foliage filler and will set off almost any other flower you wish to show with them.


Ammi visnaga seeds are best sown direct into the soil…as are (Ammi Majus seeeds)…I sow mine in straight drills about a foot apart. The seeds only need to be very lightly covered. Keep the bed lightly watered. Seeds should germinate within three weeks.

...looking rustic in this 'ere' earthen ware pot. Photo credit: unknown.
…looking rustic in this ‘ere’ earthen ware pot. Photo credit: unknown.

Thin your seedlings out to about a foot apart…don’t try and transplant the excess…it’s futile…they will keel over. You get heaps of seeds in a packet…you will have plenty…perhaps save some for an autumn sowing as they are hardy annuals.


For a guide on direct sowing try: ‘Sowing Hardy Annuals Directly Into The Soil’

I sell Ammi visnaga seeds at £1.95 for 500ish.

Kind regards

Benjamin Higgledy.