The First Batch Of Honesty. Lunaria annua.

Although Honesty is probably best known for it’s moon like seed pods…hence ‘Lunaria’…its flowers come as a welcome brighten-up-erer in early spring. In my neck of the woods, on the North Cornish coast, the wild Honesty was a couple of weeks ahead of the few plants I had space for in my allotment.'s not all in focus...but can we pretend it's arty?
Ok…it’s not all in focus…but can we pretend it’s arty?

I sowed mine up in July last year….or perhaps June….(the dog ate my extensive notes)…then I planted the seedlings where they were to grow, in early September.

Honesty seeds, like most biennials, don’t need heat to get them started….I tend to simply sow up a few pots or modules and leave them outside out of the way…just remembering to keep the watered through dry spells. Space plants to about a foot apart…they are happy in semi shade or full sun.

Adding a little home-made compost to the bed will help it along…but no manure…as this will make the soil too rich.

Yesterday I asked folk if they could send pics of their flowering Honesty plants….here’s a few of them….more can be seen on my Twitter or Faceache feeds. Thank you to those who took the time to send them.

@Greensideupveg sent this one...lovely purple Lunaria...hummmm...I MUST get myself a ruin...
@Greensideupveg sent this one…lovely purple Lunaria…hummmm…I MUST get myself a ruin…
@callysmart has gone for the mix (my own seeds are mixed)
@callysmart has gone for the mix (my own seeds are mixed) Cally is a great grower and all of her plants always seem to look top notch.
@naturalflavours has already managed to get some in a vase. 234 extra points!
@naturalflavours has already managed to get some in a vase. 234 extra points!

Yours truly sells Honesty along with all sorts of other goodies in The Higgledy Garden Seed Emporium.

Happy Lunariaring!

Kind regards

Benjamin Higgledy

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