Autumn Sowings Of Hardy Annual Flowers. First Effort This Year.

An old scaff board made making straight lines super easy.....under the watchful gaze of Furface....
An old scaff board made making straight lines super easy…..under the watchful gaze of Furface….

The best thing about Autumn sowing is that it makes you feel ahead of the game…and just a little bit smug with it. Today I have been sowing  my ‘Seeds To Sow In Autumn Collection‘.

As an experiment I am sowing half the collection now…and I shall sow the other half on the equinox of the 21st, in three weeks time and see how they both fair.

The photo above only shows half of the bed…the full length is about 25 feet….the autumn seed collection will EASILY fill this space. 25 feet x 7 feet. (Roughly 2 meters x 8 meters)

I wrote my plant labels before I left home for the allotment....told you I was coming over all German.
I wrote my plant labels before I left home for the allotment….I’m turning into my father…

I used an old scaffolding board to mark out my rows….which are a foot apart. Please note my cut flower beds are usually all three foot wide…with three rows going down the full length of the bed. This bed is seven foot wide and so I have chosen to run the rows across the bed….let it never be said I am stuck in my ways. I have also kept these rows as single varieties…usually I mix my rows to create a meadow style cutting patch….this autumn I seem to have come over all German…

Cornflower seedling...laughs in the face of frost and snow.
Cornflower seedling…laughs in the face of frost and snow.

These Autumn sown seeds should flower a month earlier than spring sown ones and also be much stronger and bigger plants that will provide more blooms….they will however ‘go over’ before the spring sown chaps have quite run out of steam.

I shall post updates on how the bed is getting along through the autumn….I know….you must be on the edge of your seats…

Kind regards

Benjamin Higgeldy

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