Calendula officinalis

Good old Lindsay from Twitter with an early jar of Calendular...probably 'Art Shades' at a guess.
Good old Lindsay from Twitter with an early jar of Calendula…looks like ‘Art Shades’ from here.

Higgledy Flower School 2016. #9. Calendula officinalis.

Calendula Officinalis is one of my favourite cut flowers of all time…it is simplicity itself…sunshine on a stem, one of the brightest and most cheerful plants you could wish for in your cut flower garden.  Calendula is fast growing, reliable and will self sow readily and keep you in blooms for years to come.

Calendula Officinalis
Once Calendula gets flowering…you will be harvesting it by the bucket. This lovely lot is ‘Indian Prince’

Not only is Calendula Officinalis beautiful, it is also one of the most productive flowers with regard the amount of blooms it will provide for you. A true ‘cut and come again’ flower. Cut the stem just above a leaf node and two further stems will rocket forth and will be offering you two new flowers within a couple of weeks.

Being that Calendula is a Hardy Annual we can make a late August/September sowing as well as a spring sowing.

It’s worth spending a bit on the vase to show off your Calendula ‘Art Shades’.

Calendula has been highly prized for its medicinal use throughout history in many different cultures. It is a very effective antibacterial and was used on the battlefields of world war one. Romans, Greeks and also Hindu cultures used Calendula in ceremonies.

Simple things...Cosmos & Calendula...fab little posy from @MichelleHole1
Simple things…Cosmos & Calendula…fab little posy from @MichelleHole1

Calendula ‘Art Shades’ plays a role in the ‘Seeds To Sow In Early Spring‘ collection…which is being sent out Christmas wrapped right now as it happens! 🙂

These beauties were grown by Lisa fav combo...the Nigella and Cornflowers look it happens...all edible.
These beauties were grown by Lisa P…my fav combo, orange & blue…the Nigella & Cornflowers look delicious…simply divine darling…

The two Calendula I am stocking in 2016 are ‘Indian Prince’ & ‘Art Shades’…’Indian Prince’ has a bolder hue with deep red/brown backs…’Art Shades’ is a much more sympathetic, straw colour……if colours can be sympathetic that is.

One more pic! These beauties were grown by @theshalotment...good show! :)
One more pic! These beauties were grown by @theshalotment…good show! 🙂

I shall be sowing Calendula from April…feel free to join in…Higgledy Flower School will run in ‘real time’ throughout the growing season.

Kindest regards

Benjamin Higgledy.

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