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Cornflower ‘Black Ball’.

Thx to @ChrisHowell for this pic from his garden.
Thx to @ChrisHowell for this pic from his garden.

The Higgledys have grown Cornflowers in their cut flower patches since before the invention of the pickled onion, and Cornflower ‘Black Ball’ has always been a personal favourite of mine. ‘Black Ball’ is of course neither black nor is it a ball but it is a flower…so it’s not all lies.

All cornflowers have a simplicity that is hard to beat. They have excellent vase life if harvested just as they are opening. And bees and other pollinators love them.

Cornflowers and Karen Wells

I have found that sprinkling the edible flower petals on to pale pasta with Parmesan shavings makes people think I am a renaissance man, (when in truth I am more your Lager and Bargain Hunt sort of a chap.)

Cornflowers can be sown in Spring or in late August/Very early September. Thin plants to a hand span.

Dried slowly in a dark (but not depressing) place with good ventilation will result in the flowers keeping their colour.

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Sweet Pea ‘Swan Lake’ & Sweet Pea ‘Jilly’.

Sweet Pea 'Jilly' & 'Swan Lake'
Sweet Pea ‘Jilly’ & ‘Swan Lake’

During my afternoon Martini break, as I sauntered around the garden prodding things with my cane, it came to my attention that I ought to harvest some Sweet Peas. As I am sure you are aware, Sweet Peas will keep on producing blooms for a hefty amount of weeks so long as you keep picking the flowers.

Sweet Pea ‘Jilly‘ is a long time darling of mine and I usually like to keep a jar of the delightful flowers on the harpsichord next to the Goshawk cage…it is an indubitable fact that Terrance has a more settled demeanor when in fragrance range of a pale Sweet Pea.

As I was cutting the ivory cherubs I spied some rather dashing  white ‘Swan Lake’ blooms on a neighbouring plant…now ordinarily a chap wouldn’t be mixing stark whites with an antiquated cream palette and certainly not mid week but the Martini must have gone to my head…”Dash it! Who gives a stuff what they’ll say at the club! They’ll probably just think I’ve been listening to too much Jazz on the wireless.” …and with that I snipped half a dozen of dazzling blighters and ran into the cooling shade of Aunti Fizzy’s airship.

I hope you like them.

Tinkerty tonk!

Benjamin Higgledy

Link: Sweet Pea Collection.