Who is Higgledy Garden?

Hi there,

My name is Benjamin Ranyard. I grow traditional annual flowers in a Cornish paddock. They are grown without the use of any chemicals and are available to buy online and from a select few Cornish shops.

I pride myself in providing the good people of the United Kingdom a quality alternative to the mono culture rubbish flown in from overseas. All of my flowers are grown from the best seed stock available to man andΒ produceΒ outstandingly beautiful plants. We hope you agree.

If you don’t think our flowers are in tip top condition when they arrive you get a full refund. No questions. Simple.

I also give out loads of free growing tips and information and sell the best seeds for growing cut flowers you can buy anywhere on the net.

Kindest regards






159 thoughts on “Who is Higgledy Garden?

  1. Thank you so much for the seeds and for the extra packet of Cosmos. Looking forward to spring planting as soon as it warms up a bit. Had fantastic germination from seeds planted last September and young plants have all survived the winter (so far!). Good luck with the new season!
    Kind Regards

  2. Hi
    My seeds have arrived in Tasmania so thank you very much.
    In relation to the Hesperis (white and purple) I’m looking to sow in mid to late summer here for flowers in spring (so sow in January or February for September flowers).
    Do I sow direct to ground or is it best to sow in pots and then transplant
    Kind regards
    Damien Smith

    1. Dear Ben,thank you so much for the seeds and thank you so very much for bothering to write re the delay int the chrysanthemum seeds AND thank you so much for the Orange King.You were recommended to me by a friend and how right he was.Thank you again for your efficiency and kindness. Love Susie x P.S. Although the order was made under the Mr name ,I am the gardener and the Mrs half.

    2. Beautifully packaged seeds (simple but elegant), a handwritten note and a complementary packet of seeds. A refreshing change from the larger catalogues ‘commercial’ catalogues.

      Thank you πŸ™‚

    3. Hi Damien…sorry for late reply…just seen this. I sow in pots and then transplant late summer…but you can sow direct if you prefer and have the space. πŸ™‚

  3. Hello there! Directed to you by my fellow gardening addict on the cheery allotment blog. Made a raised bed veg garden at the bottom of our garden at home three years ago. Neighbours trees etc. grown up. Now almost partial and full shade. Got a sunny allotment instead for veg- rejoice! I would like to buy your seeds for flowers for the shady plot. We are ready to plant. Please could you advise on what to buy for my first attempt this year for cut (and beautiful) flowers. Favourite colours… white, lilac, purple, splashes of lime green, I would like to buy from you. Catherine

  4. Hi Higgledy, help we have been offered a polytunnel. What cutting flowers do you suggest to grow here over winter!!

    1. I have never grown in a tunnel…so can’t help….I suppose it depends how far north or south you are!! πŸ™‚

  5. hi Benjamin

    please could you send copy of the invoice as we have accidently deleted the last one

    many thanks

    graham kimber-holloway

  6. Tried to buy some seeds from you today but your website stuck when I opted to pay with a card. I don’t have (and don’t want) a PayPal account. Yours is the only place I can find white Sweet William seeds. Help!?

  7. Thanks for the seeds which arrived on Thursday – and many thanks for the freebies. It’s raining hard in East Yorkshire, so I shall be spending a lovely weekend in the greenhouse!

  8. Hello Ben,

    I was directed to you by the lovely people at Battersea Flower Staion. Can cut flower seeds work when grown in containers ? I have an concrete backyard and want to get a container (old bath tub or something along them lines) to create a little patch of colour. I brought some peonies from BFS but want to fill the container with other flowers / foilage especially some that will have some green over winter so it doesn’t look like a container of soil for several months of the year. I like the idea of attracting the bees, would these seeds work in a container and can you recommend any other types of flowers that would work in a small urban garden πŸ™‚

  9. Thank you for the beautiful packets, the lovely handwritten note and envelope and the free seeds. It just about made my day! Brilliant service and website and hopefully great plants. Best wishes and thank you again

  10. Hi there,

    I came across your website online and I am interested in ordering some seeds from you. I live in Saint Lucia, West Indies and would like to grow some cut flowers to remind me of home – which varieties do you think may do well in the climate here. The patch of ground that I will be using is an east facing slope so has HOT sun until early afternoon. Also we live on top of a hill so although the daytime temperatures are in the high 20’s it does cool down a bit in the evening! I have had some success with sunflowers and was wondering about trying cosmos – I would be grateful for your suggestions. I have always loved sweet peas – do you think I would have any success with them ???

    We have a tropical climate with two seasons – wet/rainy June to November and dry November to June and the daylight hours are fairly standard only varying from approx 12-14 hours a day throughout the year.

    Many thanks

  11. “Bee & Butterfly Friendly. Seed Collection. 2014 Edition.”
    Hey, these are also applicable to ladybugs and green lacewings! I got some (sucrose sugar) hummingbird food for them to supplement whatever pollen my plants will produce, but the best long-term solution is to get a bunch of flowers growing! You might want to mention the “beneficial insects” feeding aspect, as well. Just a FYI.:)

  12. Happy with the seeds and happy too to receive such a lovely handwritten note and envelope. Your handwriting is tops & such a treat in this age of technological communications ( like this I guess….) but great service, great website and hopefully now, great plants. Many thanks.

  13. What a lovely site! I found it while searching for tips on growing different annuals…would love to visit, it might be awhile (we are in Massachusetts). We have good friends in Cambridge who want to take us to Cornwall on our next trip, which now sounds like an even better idea. Looking forward to seeing your garden grow online this season πŸ™‚

  14. Belated thanks for my seeds and the addition of the bupleurum. I do grow a perennial one which looks like a green astrantia, so it will be interesting to compare.One thing I want to know is why is it called the higgledy garden when you grow everything in straight rows?

  15. Ever seen I play flower shop at face book I begin to fall in love with flowers specially rare flowers that can’t be seen in Borneo, I been to England I found that flowers over there are awesome, I can sit in the garden for hours without thinking of food, This is first time I visited your website and I found there are really lovely flowers you have and I wonder whether those flowers can be grow in Borneo.

  16. Hi Ben – shucks I am in Canada!!!! I am a fan of nygella PlantFiles: Detailed information on Love-in-a-Mist Nigella damascena
    and was looking for both the persian jewels and the jekill for Christmas gifts for my friends. Up you popped!!!! You are a rarity!! I am guessing you ship here ok. So may go for your cut flower seed collection as well as the nygella. I am sharing with you that I grew these wonderful coral drops in a pot this year from bulbs by accident – something I grabbed from our Brian Minter here in BC Canada (you should look him up). The bulbs were being sold off mistaken for spring bulbs. Anyways they just shocked me 3 weeks ago at the beginning of fall. These long chive like stems – all scraggly – suddendly popped Coral drops Bessera Elegans Its a mexican native fuschia looking flower from a tiny bulb that flowers in autumn. They are just amazingly pretty. Pleeeeese check em out. I am a yorkshire lass 12 years living in Canada and homesick for Marks & Spencers. I think these coral drops should have a place in your collection even though you probably prefer native to Britain (whats native!!!) these days..

  17. I read an article about you on facebook today. It made my day! I love flowers and it’s always wonderful to find a kindred spirit! I love what you do and how you do it. I’m a fan!

  18. So funny! So refreshing to read about gardening in such a fun way! How do I sign up for notifications of posts? You’re brilliant x

  19. Hi Ben I was wondering if you could give me some ideas for what to plant for my daughters wedding which is May 31st 2014 I was hoping to be able to grow the flowers for the tables and marquee. The bridesmaids are wearing cornflour blue dresses and my daughter would like flowers that are wild looking?

  20. Hi Ben, I seem to remember you wrote that you didn’t use compost with peat in it. Do you mix your own or buy in compost and add to it?
    Thanks, Anja

    PS didn’t have much luck this year (or due to lack of time or skill!) Corncockle germinated and flowered but plants were spindly as I didn’t get to them in time for thinning :-O (very pretty tho, hopefully they will self seed) Nicotiana didn’t germinate as I covered the seeds not realizing they needed light to germ. (oops!) Got two tiny tiny Gypsphilia plants and didn’t get around to sowing Malope at all!!! After all that. I have organized when to sow what for next year starting a couple of weeks ago and two Cerinthe have germinated!! hurrah! Unfortunately Gypsophilia damped off but there may be a few survivors. Planning to sow more hardy annuals soon and the rest in the spring.

  21. Hi Ben,
    Just wanted to say thank you for the seeds and the freebie Phacaeiia, I shall be filling my cold frame with a first sowing this weekend. Am very excited! I hope that next year my little garden will be a riot of flowers and I can give bunches to my mates as well.
    All the best,

  22. Hi Ben just ordered your 2014 cut flower collection. I plan to sow two or three times over the autumn/spring as you suggest. How would you recommend storing the seeds?

    1. Hi…many thanks for your order. Just keep the seeds dry…cool…and in the dark…they will be completely fine for two years or more…. πŸ™‚

  23. Hi, You have a lovely site here, very inspiring. I wish I had a big garden but live in a city with a small garden. The soil is terrible (full of stones and bricks). I grow mainly edibles in containers and a few flowers (nasturtium, sunflowers, geraniums). Could you recommend flowers that I could grow in containers, preferably native and attractive to pollinators? Hailey (P.S. I will buy from your site of course)

  24. Hi Ben – can you suggest a hardy perennial that will grow in a shady area in my garden. I already have Foxgloves…Thanks and love your site!

  25. Hi Ben, I have an embryonic cut flower business ( smaller than a gnat at the moment ) and am growing Malope Trifida . Could you tell me how to cut it. I’ve been cutting the short stems that the flower grows on but think they seem a bit short to sell. Is this right? You mention putting them with Gypsophila but I think I would need to cut it right down to be the same size. Thanks for your help.

    1. I was having the same issues today! Later in the season it will become easier…but you do have to be fairly brutal…more flowers will come. I like you hate to cut stems that have lots of buds on…

  26. Ben, my Cornflower Black ball are growing well but their leaves have now started to curl up and go all reddish! Actually my sunflower leaves look a bit similar too. Any idea what it might be? I’ve searched the net re bugs and diseases but no joy.

    1. hummmm…I don’t know…I will have a look in my pest book…but i’ve never experienced this myself…

      1. Thank you for the very quick delivery of seeds and the extra lot for me to try, the Bupleurum look intriguing, looking forward to getting my ‘wild garden’ sown ( I have a picket fence round it to keep my 3 Jack Russell’s off of it!

  27. Hi Ben, Just ‘re-discovered your wonderful site and blog after almost forgetting about it for a couple of years…too busy, long story! I seem to recall you once had a recipie for Honeysuckle jam…did I dream it?? I can’t seem to find it anywhere πŸ™
    Please can you point me in the right direction again?
    Many thanks,

    1. yes…you dreamt it! I had honeysuckle sorbet…not sure where it is…but if you google ‘honeysuckle sorbet higgledy garden’ it will find it. …but i’ve never made jam in my life! πŸ™‚

  28. Hi Ben – I have just stumbled over your website (stick that in your pipe and smoke it Mr Google) and I’d like to know if you send seeds to France. I am in the process of converting a former vineyard into the most beautiful garden on the planet – if I live long enough.

  29. Hi all the seeds you sent have germinated apart from the asters and zinnia mammoth. They have been kept in an unheateded greenhouse and was wondering if it could have been the cold nights in May? I sowed them individually end of april.

  30. Hi,
    Just a quick line to thank you for the seeds, they arrived yesterday started planting last evening and (her in doors willing) will all be in the ground before the end of the weekend. Love your website and the advice it gives, be in touch in a few weeks to get my hardy annuals sorted

    Take care


    1. Thanks Andrew…very kind words. It’s fun this flower growing game…and I am here to share what (the little) I know about it. πŸ™‚

  31. Hi Ben, I was wondering if you could offer me some wise words on what to do about my sweet peas… I bought some plants at a local nursery which looked healthy enough but they were mighty crammed in, about 20 plus plants in each tiny little square pot! I planted them out about 10 days ago in a nice sunny bed, the soil is good quality and enriched with my best horse manure, so I expected them to get off to a romping start. The weather was lovely then too, and I kept them well watered. But since then the ungrateful little buggers have done absolutely nothing except go a bit yellow and sickly looking. No new growth to be seen. πŸ™ What have I done to deserve this? Could it be something in the soil? Or do I just need to give them more time to settle in? I must say I didn’t expect them to be so pinickity.
    What to do?
    Yours in hope of a solution,

    1. it is hard to say without knowing how they were grown…the chances are they were grown in a hot house…and they have been shocked by going outside straight away…next time try growing your own from seed…you can start them in the Autumn and you will have fine plants by this time next year. I know a chap who sells great sweet pea seeds. πŸ˜‰
      …Hopefully yours will pick up…best of luck!

  32. Hi Ben,
    Thank you for my lovely packets of seeds which arrived today :-)…and especially the corncockle addition – very sweet of you! I’m soooo excited! I’m a total newby to growing cut flowers…I found your website as I was looking for Malope Trifida ‘Vulcan’ and where I could buy it. Well, your website was the first place I found it – RESULT! I can tell from your writings and pics you must love your flowers and that’s good energy to spread into the world I reckon, πŸ˜€

    1. Thank you Anja…yes you are right…I’m quite into growing flowers! πŸ˜‰ Glad you like the site…my Malope have just germinated and are looking mighty fine….they are a top flower…I love ’em…in fact I am dedicating two whole beds to the little cherubs this year. πŸ™‚ Have a fab time…please let me know how you get on…there are lots of us flowery types that swop tips n tricks on Twitter if you are a Twitter type?

      1. No, I don’t tweet! I’ve just copied your seed sowing advice to take with me to work tomorrow tho… My client wants flowers for cutting in her border – so tomorrow I’m going to bite the bullet and sow some – nothing like jumping in at the deep end! :-O

      2. Hi Ben, I seem to remember you wrote that you didn’t use compost with peat in it. Do you mix your own or buy in compost and add to it?
        Thanks, Anja

        PS didn’t have much luck this year (or due to lack of time or skill!) Corncockle germinated and flowered but plants were spindly as I didn’t get to them in time for thinning :-O (very pretty tho, hopefully they will self seed) Nicotiana didn’t germinate as I covered the seeds not realizing they needed light to germ. (oops!) Got two tiny tiny Gypsphilia plants and didn’t get around to sowing Malope at all!!! After all that. I have organized when to sow what for next year starting a couple of weeks ago and two Cerinthe have germinated!! hurrah! Unfortunately Gypsophilia damped off but there may be a few survivors. Planning to sow more hardy annuals soon and the rest in the spring.

  33. Hi Ben
    Thanks for the speedy delivery of my bee friendly seed collection and my delightful free packet.
    Weather still rubbish in the west of Scotland but we usually don’t let that hold us back.
    Reworking an old very neglected garden and love the knowledge you share on this site.
    Good things, good growing!!

    1. Thank you…I do my best. πŸ˜‰ Have fun…this year is going to be double super great for flower growing…. you heard it here first. xx

  34. Hi,
    Many thanks for the extra packet of seeds that came with my order a few weeks ago. Much appreciated. Sun’s out (finally) so off to do some gardening.

  35. My daughters wedding is on 2nd August this year and she wants me to grow the flowers for the tables and windowsills (not the bouquets) Is it too late to plant seeds for the plants to flower in time?
    If there is still time I would like to order the seeds from you.
    She would like the flowers to be pale colours, like pink, white and mauves (a country cottage/vintage look. Can you advise me which pack is best please?
    I like your packs of seeds but some are possibly too bright for what she wants.
    I have grown seeds before but not for a wedding!

    1. I have just put mine in a heated propagator…the ‘fiesta del sol’ have germinated very quickly…but not the ‘torch’ as yet…let me know if you would like to replace your ‘Torch’ if they do not germinate with some ‘Fiesta’.

      1. Thanks for the message. I have sown some more of your Tithonia Torch seeds and brought them indoors but nothing has appeared yet. Could you send me some Fiesta to try please. Thanks.

        1. yes sure…can you send me the name to which the order was shipped…so I can bring up the address? Many thanks. B

          1. Mrs V Gilbert
            21 Kimberley Way

            By the way the Corncockle seeds are doing really well. πŸ™‚

  36. Hi – complete newbie here – I’ve persuaded my other half to finally give me a bed in his allotment so I can now set up my cut flower patch. I’ve bought the seeds so now eagerly await their arrival – wish me luck!

  37. Hi Ben – I am going to use your seeds to try and grow some flowers for my daughter’s wedding on 31st August 2013.
    A few questions: what are the daisy type flowers in the photo on your β€˜Top flowers for cutting’ tab – with the cornflowers and calendula?
    And…. do you post cut flowers over to Northern Ireland?

    1. They are actually a perennial Daisy that grew on my last plot…planted by a previous owner and don’t know the name. And yes I can send to N Ireland…free shipping when you spend over Β£10. Best to sow seeds in succession to have a good chance of having bloom on the big day…a rule of thumb is that annuals take generally from 12-16 weeks to bloom from sowing, depending on the variety.

  38. Hi Ben Thanks for sending my seeds so quickly. I live in a rural area in the midlands and its always a couple degrees colder here than in the towns -4 sat night. Will it be ok now to get seeds started? Ive got a conservatory unheated but if sunny is hot but then cold at night. Or an unheated greenhouse? Thanks

    1. Hi…I would just hold off for the time being…I would leave off sowing even undercover for a week or so….and not sow outside until very late in the month….there is no rush…they will still have plenty of time to flower. If you sow to early they will probably just rot in the soil…later is better!

      1. Ive read your info on hardy annuals which is great advice for a novice. Can i now sow half hardies into pots in an unheated greenhouse? Many thanks

  39. Thank you so much for the great service and freebie packet of corncockle seeds, Ben. And the handwritten note was a lovely personal touch!

    Now, I am attempting to use your seeds to grow some flowers for my daughter’s wedding on 31st August 2013 and I have a couple of questions for you Ben: what are the daisy type flowers in the photo on your ‘Top flowers for cutting’ tab – with the cornflowers and calendula? Secondly, do you post cut flowers over to Northern Ireland? and lastly, I have no greenhouse – can I sow my cornflower, feverfew, alchemilla, and amni majus into the garden? If so, now?? Thanks very much – love your site.

  40. Thank you for the seeds that arrived so quickly and also for the extra sweet peas that you put in with the order. Its been snowing ever since I received them and feels like we will never have warm weather again!

    Do you find it makes a difference as to when in the cycle of the moon you plant the seeds???

    Thanks again Karen S.

    1. I don’t think it make a jot of difference…but many swear by it…you certainly don’t see plants shedding their seeds according to the phase of the moon…if it worked…they would have been on to it by now. πŸ˜‰

    2. Hi Ben, Thank you for the seeds which I received with a happy heart. I get the whole too cold and mizz thing about outside sowing…..hurumph πŸ™ But can I now get on with sowing my inside seeds? So grateful for all you do.

      1. unless you have a heated propagator a would still leave it a week or so…we are still having really cold nights and most seeds just simply won’t germinate until it warms up a little.

  41. Hi Ben
    Thank you so much for the seeds I won via Cherry Menlove. I’m really excited to get cracking! Unfortunately our garden isn’t quite the size of a football field, so I’m trying to decide what to do for the best. I will absolutely definitely be planting as many as I can this year, but I wondered whether some of them would be ok to plant next year. If not, I will take great pleasure in distributing the surplus to my very jealous family and friends! I’m a complete novice at this, so apologies if this is a stupid question! Thank you!

    1. Hi Louise…they will lose a little of their vitality next year…but on average only about 10%…so you will be fine to keep hold of them…just keep the in the dark…somewhere dray and cool. πŸ™‚ Have fun!

    1. ah…that very much depends on what you choose…not an easy question…are you splitting that up into beds with pathways…ie 15ish 20 x 1 m beds…or are you after an meadow effect using the whole plot?

      1. I havent decided as ime new to this. Raised beds are easier to look after probably. Can you advise? We have raised beds for veg and a polytunnel so maybe the flower plot could look more natural if left as a whole plot. We have sandy soil and weeds are a nightmare! Its a good position as gets full sun although can be windy. We are in the west midland. Maybe order 2 x cutting flower seeds or more? Thanks

  42. Hi Ben.

    In answer to your question about speakers’ rates, I charge Β£75 for a 45 minute talk with a 70 – 80 picture slide show. I talk to WIs and hort socs and have got about 14 or 15 this year and some already for 2014. My three talks are on Chelsea, How I became a Gardener and Great Dixter. Hope that helps.

    BTW. I loved Karen’s diary – very moving.

    Best wishes, Chris

  43. Ben, thanks for speedily sending my seeds onto me. Just want the soil to warm up so I can get sowing. Love your packaging!

  44. Ben

    A belated thank you for the seeds received last week. The extra seeds added along with a hand written note was a lovely touch. The bees will be very happy in my little plot of land this year.
    I will certainly be ordering again in the future.

  45. Hello Ben, having been aware of you on Twitter for a while, I have just discovered your wonderful website. I adore growing cut flowers, but with only limited success. In just 20 mins of reading through your blogs and growing tips, I am now aware of what I have been doing wrong, and am charged up with enthusiasm. The only dilemma is what to order……
    By the way, welcome to the West Country, we moved here 5 years ago and have never been so happy.

  46. Hi Ben, thanks so much for including some Bupleurum to the rest of my order, it was very generous of you. That’s not something I’ve grown before so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. And the handwritten note was a lovely surprise – restored my faith in humanity after a crappy week. I will certainly be spreading the Higgledy word.

  47. Ben, thank you for the substitute Valentine seeds and also for sending the sunshine with them. You didn’t need to add the Godetia seeds, but I really appreciate the kind thought. I can’t wait to see the bees and butterflies enjoying all the flowers. I wish you a blooming good growing season.

  48. Hi Ben…

    Just received my seeds ordered on Monday eve, thank you so much! Such fast delivery. The handwritten note was a lovely touch and the seed packets are rather cool…will be going on the fridge. I have spent a lot of time reading your blog and can’t wait to get the mini cutting garden going! I will be back for more soon, I would much rather be supporting fantastic businesses like yours over the big nasties. Ps thanks for the corncockle… heartwarming touch XXX

  49. Love the site! (Found you via Twitter) Will definitely be ordering some bee friendly seeds when I get paid πŸ™‚ I only have a really small patch to grow on, but I try and make it as bee friendly as possible. The rest is veggies/salad/herbs in pots… Fingers crossed for a sunny summer this year!

    1. great stuff Helen…you can use the voucher code: Twittersale ….for a 10% discount….keep it under your hat. πŸ˜‰ xx

  50. Hi Ben, I’ve just found you while looking for some seeds for my new place of work. Love your site and everything looks great – *proper* cutting plants form seed; great!

    2 questions;
    1. Do you do gift vouchers?
    2. I work for a charity which provided employment and training for adults with additional needs. We have a container garden and an allotment garden. We have *no* budget this year for seeds and sundries (pots, labels, compost…etc) would you be able to give us a wee discount? Cheeky, but if you don’t ask, you’ll never find out!
    Thanks and best wishes,


    1. Hi Jane…I don’;t do gift vouchers…far too M&S for my tastes…I can send you some flower seeds…just email me an address. πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Ben, I emailed you in February after your kind reply, and it seems to have disappeared! The details are as follows:
        Jane Jennison
        The Bridge Project
        Gainsborough Street
        CO10 2EU.

        Oh, and thanks for the delivery of seeds ordered at the end of Feb – my friend was very pleased to receive them for her birthday. πŸ™‚

  51. Hi Ben – I know nothing about growing cut flowers, but would love to give you money in return for your Complete Cut Flower Seed Collection. Are there idiot-proof instructions which I can look at before sending you my money! If not, do the seeds come with idiot-proof instructions? Failing that, do you supply a polythene bag with the necessary skill inside, so I cant fail in the enterprise!

    Best wishes

    1. As yet they don’t come with printed instructions…but everything you could possibly need to know is on the site…it’s a piece of cake…for an in depth intro look at the page ‘seed sowing guide’…you will see it on the top bar of the home page…this is a printable PDF…it has links to pics and guides to individual flower etc…and it’s free…of course. πŸ™‚

  52. Hi, love the site, love the idea of buying your seeds, but…. I don’t live in the UK. Can you post them to France? And can you recommend some good old-fashioned cottage garden flowers that will tolerate hot summers, some strong winds and little or no rain? Look forward to your reply…. would love to order!

  53. Just found you what a wonderful friendly site
    will be ordering some cut flower seeds, going to put some on my allotment.
    Its really great to start planning the garden again.

  54. Hi Ben,
    Have had a quick look and couldn’t spot, but wonder if you sell Cosmos atrosanguineus ‘Chocolate’ seeds?
    Exciting to read your garden has a new home in Cornwall, hope it is going well.

    1. not as yet…but it is on the list…
      Thanks…Cornwall is super wonderful…loving it. Can’t wait till spring! πŸ™‚

  55. We live up north (yorkshire) rather exposed site with westerlies and grow lots of veg but want cut flower patch in 2013. Is your collection suitable for us. Do have small unheated greenhouse too.

    1. yes, you will be fine…though you will have to offer the flowers some support….I tend to stretch some pea netting across the bed and simply let them grow through it….job done. πŸ™‚

  56. I have been following your tweeting gems for a while and have been ‘forced’ onto the website. Nice One. You do a great job in information sharing.

    I never thought I would be saying this, but I am going to give up half my veg plot for cut flowers next year and so will be looking out for the idiot proof seed collection for novices.

    1. ha! Good… πŸ™‚ Growing flowers is easy if you follow a few simple steps…annuals are my favs…easy….and you can change the garden every year. I will be demonstrating how I go about setting up a cut flower garden from scratch from early next year…and I mean really from scratch…turning a piece of rough pasture into a cutting garden….so stay tuned. πŸ™‚
      Thx for your kind words.

  57. How lovely to stumble across your site! Seeds have become my escape and obsession. I shall enjoy ordering enormously. Good luck!

  58. Was wondering who’s this person following me on Twitter. It’s nice to know of what you are doing. If I live in the UK I would gladly purchase flower seeds from you. Most of the annuals won’t be able to survive under the hot and dry climate of Singapore. Nevertheless, thanks for sharing! (And cool webpage design by the way..)

  59. You followed me so i had to check you out and what a delight ! Love your idea and am not planning an area for cut flowers also have been looking at your ‘list of top flowers’. You have not stopped me getting on with doing the accounts, damn. It’s all your fault πŸ™‚

  60. Loving your website Benjamin, your photos are gorgeous, your flowers are too! I especially like your words on Twitter about saving the world, and impressing the girls. This girl is very impressed… Seeds are my world too! Take care and keep sowing πŸ™‚ All the best from New Zealand

  61. Hi Ben, I would just like to say I’m so happy to have come across your website, and to thank you for the fast delivery of my seeds to sow in September with the hand written tip for the corinthe seeds. I am now one of your dedicated followers!

  62. Just about to palce an order but would like to include Cosmos Pide Piper but can t find any to put in cart!
    Help please!

    1. ah! My mistake Bridget…I took them off a while back when I ran out…I’d better get them back up! πŸ™‚

  63. Ben…I love the pix on your website…Your flowers look so robust, colorful, & healthy. A couple of ? My hubby & I built a log cabin with trees we cleared on our land…there are woods all around us. We have some open area, but the 60 -70 foot tulip poplar trees here do shade some of our garden I the afternoon. Any flowers to suggest that don’t require all day sun? Also…do you ship to the U.S, taking into consideration the e gra postage oat? We nlive in PA…40 miles west of Phila.

  64. Beautiful web site. Great photos. Looks like a wonderful life. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  65. Bugger, missed out on your cut flower bunches! When will you have more available? Please say soon…

  66. Hi Ben, super fabby site and very inspiring! I’ve never gardened before but needed therapy this year and so I started – inspired by Johnny Kelso and then found you via him! So far my aquilegias, lupins, anemones, foxgloves and sweet peas are growing – yay! Is it too late to plant out seeds which you say should be planted in May? And how do I plant for autumn when summer is still flowering – sorry, novice questions I’m sure :o\ xxx

  67. Dear Benjamin,

    A whole batch of wonderful-looking seeds arrived today, with a handwritten note, and an extra pack of Didiscus for us to try… thank you for taking such care. I do not think I will be planting them out in the current monsoon, tho’ I did put some in at the weekend! xxxx Ginnie

    1. Yey! Great stuff….it has been a tricky year thus far for sowing…fingers crossed for next week brightening up.

  68. Hi, Just found your site and love it.
    In my garden there is an abundance of light green leaved plants about a foot high, the ends of the stalks look like they are turning ito white flowers with a yellow centre , a bit like an untidy looking daisy. the leaves are soft and smell quite strongly.
    I suspect its a weed , but a scattered wild flower seeds there last year , so it could be one of those
    Can you help ??.

  69. I’ve just been reading about you on Cherry Menlove’s blog. Wish I lived a bit closer! I have bookmarked your page and will certainly be checking in for tips and updates.
    Great idea. Good luck!
    Betty (Melbourne)

    1. Great stuff Betty. I can still send you seeds if you can’t find any locally. Have fun! x

  70. I’ve had really good germination of your Lupin seeds but the plants are getting rather tall waiting for the monsoon to end. Should I pinch out the tops to make them more bushy?

    1. Hi Liz, I pinch out a few…but it doesn’t sit quite right with me…I’m on the fence. I suggest you pinch out half and see which ones fair better. Then let us know. πŸ˜‰
      Have fun!

  71. I can’t wait to plant my seeds! When will the carrier pigeon arrive on Gower? ;o)

    I’m so excited, it’ll be the first time I’ve tried to grow Calendula – such wonderful plants, and some say edible, what say you Ben?

  72. Benjamin, what a joy to discover your site and find that it is possible to do what you love and get paid for it. I live just outside Edinburgh and my wish is to start my own cut flower business, but I’m held back by bills, fears and lack of land. However, you’ve inspired me to keep dreaming and scheming. I hope for great things for you.

  73. I’ve just bought some of your flowers from Arjuna (you were putting them into the bucket when I stopped) and they are gorgeous! They’re really cheering up my work desk (the dining table, that is…). Hope the rest of the growing season goes well for you.

    1. Hi Cathy…only just seen your lovely message. Thank you! Well…yes the season went well…looking forward to the next one. Really pleased you liked the flowers. They will be available to buy online next season…bigger bunches delivered to your door. πŸ™‚ Happy days.

  74. What a fabulous find, we are always looking for growers to supply our school and to tell our students about, well done and really good luck, if you’re ever over in Sussex pop in…

  75. Really thrilled to see an organic cut flower supplier in the UK – this is fantastic, and is so much better for the environment. Personally, if anyone buys pot plants or cut flowers for me, they usually go in the bin when they are finished, because I do not wish to contaminate my organic compost with neonicotinoids or other pesticides.

    I hope you’ll expand to supplying pot plants and houseplants at some point in the future.

    I wish you all the best of success.


  76. So pleased to have discovered your blog – always really inspiring to see people growing and selling their flowers. I have just finished my first season growing and selling flowers from my garden – tiny endeavour, no mailorder or acreage to grow but loving the adventure! Look forward to following your progress and wish you huge success in 2011! Belinda

  77. Such a fantastic site. I am recommending it to all my green fingered pals.
    Thanks for the article on Twitch, we have loads of the blooming stuff in our garden.
    It is a pain but I will try and grow fond of it like the writer of the article.
    Congrats on the site being No1 for cut flowers!

    1. That’s very kind of you to wish us luck Mr Richards, and let’s hope the spring of 2011 shall be a swimmingly good one for yourself as well, good Sir. I hope the life of a film maker is suiting you well in Edinburgh.
      ‘Larpe mac fia diasto toxdi’ as my old gym teacher used to say.

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