Top Flowers For Cutting. (Growing guides)

and another by yours truly...these beds were sown up by @10minutegardener...haven't they done well!  :) #Champion
Mixed beds at Clip Clop Farm…mostly hardy annuals.

…just click on the flower you would like to learn about…simples! 🙂


…For a guide to which annuals you can sow now…potter over to: ‘Flower Seeds To Sow In Autumn’




*Ammi Majus

*Ammi Visnaga


*Bells of Ireland

*Biennials: A growing guide.





Wonderful Larkspur grown in a community garden. Thanks to Valerie Jones for sharing this photo.
Wonderful Larkspur grown in a community garden. Thanks to Valerie Jones for sharing this photo.

*Cerinthe Major

*Cleome Spinosa

*Cobaea Scandens


*Cornflowers ‘Blue Ball’

*Cornflowers ‘Black Ball’

*Cosmos ‘Pied Piper’

...yes its a thug...but Borage has a magical beauty and is underrated as a cut flower.
…yes its a thug…but Borage has a magical beauty and is underrated as a cut flower.

*Cosmos ‘Purity’

*Cosmos ‘Sensation’.





* Echinops

*Eschscholzia californica (the California poppy)





*Gomphrena (Perennial)




*Ipomoea ‘Heavenly Blue’

A big thank you to Rose Mackerrell for her photos of Cleome...Rose's meadow style cutting garden looks can pick out the 'Violet Queen' just right of centre.
A big thank you to Rose Mackerrell for her photo…Rose’s meadow style cutting garden looks fantastic…LOVE it!

*Knautia (Perennial)


*Lupin (Sunrise)

*Malope Trifida ‘Vulcan’

*Mina Lobata




*Phlox ‘Grandiflora Tall Mix’




*Sweet William




*How To Sow And Grow Biennials.

I hope these are of some help to you.

Have fun!

Benjamin Higgledy


18 thoughts on “Top Flowers For Cutting. (Growing guides)

  1. dear lovely higgledy people

    having just spent a freezing cold Belfast morning pleasantly engaged in sorting your seed packets from cut flower collection and making notes on what to plant when I have a request. In your growing guides can you please please put in how tall the plants are. Sometimes you do, lots of times you dont. Some of them are varieties I havent tried before and I’ve ended up leaving your site and having to check on much more boring ones to find this info. In previous years I’ve been particularly good at putting tall plants at front of borders and burying little ones in the back, so this is something I need to be careful about! Otherwise, lovely, useful, generous guide – cant wait to get planting.



  2. My daughter is getting married on 5 September and wants garden flowers for her bouquet and arrangements at the reception. I have a small London garden but am keen to give it a go but am concerned about getting flowers in bloom at the right time. Do you have any recommendations?

    1. Hello Jennie,
      My brother and two sisters and I are also growing cut flowers from seed for my nieces wedding in August. It is the first year I have discovered Benjamin. He and the website are far more useful (and amusingly written) than that of the bigger seed companies. I love his approach and will stick with him in future where possible.
      Good luck with your wedding flowers

  3. Dear Ben My seeds arrived this morning along with your nice letter wishing me a wonderful growing season as this is my first time and growing from seeds on this scale I need fingers crossed! what a lovely site you have a real find thank you.

  4. Hi Ben,
    I’m hoping to grow the flowers for my wedding in September.
    Do you have any suggestions for things flowering in September that will help me get enough flowers from my 70ft garden?
    I already grow cosmos, verbena bonariensis and lavender.
    Thanks so much,

  5. Would it be possible to get another collection of seeds with anything else that you have will pay

  6. Hi Ben – what a find your website is! I don’t know where to start, but I do want to buy everyone in my family a packet of seeds for their Christmas stocking – this will take some research for appropriate flowers for each. One of my sisters lives in Sardinia, can you recommend anything (pretty preferably in a really obvious, here I am kind of way, and with a scent) that would grow in their garden. I don’t think they have much shade. Thanks, Emma

  7. Hi Ben,
    Nice website, I’ll be getting myself a a 2014 collection. Do you have a shop that we can visit when we are in Cornwall this coming August?


    1. sorry for late reply Paul…just seen this…alas no…I don’t have a bricks and mortar shop…I am only online….

  8. You usually talk about rows 1ft apart and plants x ins apart and yet ….with ….The Higgledy Garden Complete Cut Flower Patch. Spring 2013 Collection …. it looks as though you Jack in the Beanstalk fashion just chucked the seeds in a field and by magic they all appeared. Which is it?

    1. No…I NEVER chuck…I always sow in rows. If you ‘chuck’ it is super tricky to know what is a weed and what is your desired flower…if you leave a foot…it is easy to hoe down a row and life is much easier… I do however move plants about when thinning them…so the beds often end up looking like mixed beds. Also I sow lots in modules and dot them about where I have gaps. Mixed beds not only look good but help to reduce the spread of disease.

  9. Hi, there’s lots of flower that I really want to lant in my garden but I am worried about what is safe for my pet rabbits?!!! Do you know if cornflowers and gypsophilia are safe? Thanks

    1. certainly cornflowers will be fine…and gyp is not poisonous to humans… steer clear from ricinus and foxgloves though…:)

  10. Hello all, I know the weather is against getting my seedlings to flourish but my Nicotiana sylvestris, although sprouted, is now on an all-time go-slow. Is she like this even in a good season? And Ammi majus – which I adore and is a very familiar chum from my childhood (though she flew under the flag of Queen Anne’s Lace) seems to have disappeared altogether.
    Don’t be fooled by my email address, I am in England (Cambridgeshire) – though the Ammi and fabulous Bells of Ireland grew in my grandmother’s garden in the antipodes.
    Best wishes, Rue

    1. Thx for posting Rue…our flowers are going slowly…not much in flower yet…but….any day now! Yippee!

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